Products for the aluminum industry

FONTES REFACTORIES bricks are used worldwide in electrolysis cells in the aluminum industry and have obtained AP (Aluminum Pechiney) approval for many years.

Products for the chemical industry

Acid-resistant bricks are suitable for the construction of installations requiring high resistance to acids such as production of phosphoric acid


Home Products

Thanks to a selective extraction of clays from its quarry, FONTES REFRACTORIES offers four colors of refractory products intended for the home without any addition of exterior pigment. Through their aesthetic qualities, these products participate in the harmonious development of the interior of the home.

A reference partner for its customers

With a production capacity of 20,000 tonnes per year, FONTES REFRACTORIES is a key partner for its customers: quality, service, availability and the ability to meet deadlines are all core principles for FONTES REFRACTORIES.

Exceptional products

Fontes Refractories is developed around two entities: the Vaudreuille quarry from which the clays are extracted, just a few kilometers from Revel and the manufacturing plant.
Fontes Refractories thus controls the entire process without intermediaries, which allows it to offer products of exceptional quality to these customers.

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