Refractory bricks

FONTES REFRACTORIES manufactures refractory products for the primary aluminium sector and industry using clay extracted from its own quarry.

Products for primary aluminium

FONTES REFRACTORIES specialises in the manufacture of refractory products for the primary aluminium industry. The company is a key partner for all aluminium smelters around the world.

Products for industry

FONTES REFRACTORIES has a range of low alumina content bricks. These products have an Al2O3 content of between 32 and 43%, depending on customer requirements, and contain more aluminium oxide than ordinary BRO HQB bricks.

Products for the housing sector

Thanks to the selective clay extraction performed at its quarry, FONTES REFRACTORIES is able to provide four colours of refractory bricks intended for the housing sector without any addition of exterior pigmenting. The aesthetic qualities of these products play a role in the harmonious development of a home interior.

Unshaped refractory products

FONTES REFRACTORIES chamotte fireclay is made by crushing its fired clay. It is sold in four different particle sizes. The usage differs depending on the particle size. Grouting is used as a seal in refractory bricks. The seal is obtained at high temperature. Refractory mortar is a mixture of fine chamotte fireclay and aluminous cement.

Raw matérials

FONTES REFRACTORIES also sells different coloured clays used like raw materials for manufacturers of raw earth products or terracotta. Extracted directly from the quarry, these natural clays are cadmium- and lead-free, and can be used to produce food-safe pottery: