FONTES REFRACTORIES also develops acid-resistant bricks that meet categories 2A and 3B of the ISO standard.

These products are suitable for the construction of sulfur pits, ash collection hoppers and installations requiring high resistance to acids such as for phosphate tanks and such as production of phosphoric acid.
Acid-resistant bricks are used for all applications that do not require operating temperatures above 1100 ° C, or mechanical strengths above 60MPa.

Technical features of the products:

Trade nameCon­tent of AI ₂ O ₃Bulk den­sityOpen porosityCold crushing strengthAcid attack mass loss
Anti-acide BR 2A ⁽¹⁾21 %2.24 g/cm³13 %50 MPa3.7 %
Anti-acide BR 3B ⁽²⁾18 - 20 %2.10 g/cm³17 %25 MPa5.5 %

⁽¹⁾ Acid-resistant brick Group 2 Class A according to the ISO 10080 standard
⁽²⁾ Acid-resistant brick Group 3 Class B according to the ISO 10080 standard