FONTES REFRACTORIES specialises in the manufacture of refractory products for the primary aluminium industry.

The company is a key partner for all aluminium smelters around the world.

FONTES REFRACTORIES develops products specifically adapted to electrolysis cell linings.

FONTES REFRACTORIES products are renowned for the multiple technologies used worldwide, and they have received AP accreditation (Aluminium Pechiney) for many years.

Thanks to the natural raw materials used, the FONTES REFRACTORIES BRO HQB brick (High Quartz Brick) has intrinsic resistance to corrosion by cryolite and liquid aluminium. This dual action makes BRO HQB the leading product for electrolysis cell linings in the primary aluminium sector.

Given its proximity to the port of Fos-sur-Mer, FONTES REFRACTORIES products are shipped to five continents.



Trade nameCon­tent of Teneur en AI ₂ O ₃Bulk den­sityOpen porosityCold crushing strength
BRO HQB18%2.10 g/cm³17 %25 MPa

Thermal conductivityBRO HQB
200°C0.89 W/mK
600°C1.02 W/mK
900°C1.11 W/mK