Fontes refactories terre de couleurs


Thanks to the selective clay extraction performed at its quarry, FONTES REFRACTORIES is able to provide four colours of refractory bricks intended for the housing sector without any addition of exterior pigmenting. The aesthetic qualities of these products play a role in the harmonious development of a home interior.

They are available in different size for the creation of chimneys and open fireplaces. They can also be used to manufacture masonry heaters.

The natural source of the clay and the absence of any external additive enables FONTES REFRACTORIES bricks to meet the standards of the food sector. For example, FONTES REFRACTORIES bricks are used in the construction of bread ovens, barbecues and pizza ovens.

Technical features of the products:

TintMaximum service temperatureCon­tent of AI ₂ O ₃Bulk den­sityOpen porosityCold crushing strength
Light1250 °C24 %1.90 g/cm³25 %14 MPa
Light-flamed1250 °C20 %2.00 g/cm³24 %15 MPa
Red1250 °C21 %2.24 g/cm³13.5 %50 MPa
Flame-red1250 °C21 %2.25 g/cm³12 %45 MPa