Fontes Refractories

Our Production Tools

With a production capacity of 16,000 tonnes per year, FONTES REFRACTORIES is a key partner for its customers: auality, service, availability and the ability to meet deadlines are all core principles for FONTES REFRACTORIES.

The company is capable of dealing with large-scale projects for the construction of new plants, as well as regular and ad hoc maintenance of refractory lining in existing facilities.

The company's production line is specially optimised for the manufacture of large volumes such as bricks for electrolytic cells:

  • 1 crushing and mixing line
  • 2 high-performance mechanical presses
  • 1 stacking station robot
  • 1 tunnel kiln at 1,350°C

The "flaming" of bricks for the housing sector is performed naturally while firing under reducing atmosphere.

All of our products are checked to guarantee a level of quality that meets the most stringent specifications.

Product quality control is performed throughout the manufacturing process. All manufacturing data is computerised directly on the production line in order to provide customers with full traceability.

Every aspect of the finished products is systematically verified after palletisation.