Fontes Refractories

Unshaped refractory products


FONTES REFRACTORIES chamotte fireclay is made by crushing its fired clay. It is sold in four different particle sizes. The usage differs depending on the particle size:

0-3 mm chamotte:   Used as a basis for refractory mortar.

4-8 mm chamotte: Used in refractory concrete or as a decorative element for gardens (similar properties to pozzolana).

8-12 mm chamotte: Used as a filtering element or as a decorative element in gardens.

FONTES REFRACTORIES can also supply reconstituted chamotte (0-12 mm) upon request.


Grouting is used as a seal in refractory bricks.  The seal is obtained at high temperature.

The grouting is obtained by drying and crushing clay from the Vaudreuille quarry. It can also be added to lime and sand mortar to colour seals when using raw earth brick masonry. Used in conjunction with low particle-size chamotte fireclay, this can produce food earthenware and seals.


Refractory mortar is a mixture of fine chamotte fireclay and aluminous cement. It enables refractory bricks to be made for the production of barbecues, chimneys, and bread and pizza ovens.  Usage recommendations are available upon request.